Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Anniversary & Twisted Tag

I’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary all week. I say ‘I’ because my husband wants no part of this madness! But I don’t think it’s that strange. Seeing as how most Indian weddings go on for at least 5 days, I’m sure there are people like me who enjoy the anniversary of their wedding week and not just their wedding day. I can’t be the only one, right?

So yes, we’ve been married for two years. I cannot believe it. And neither can the friends people who bet back in 2009 that we’d be divorced in less than 12 months. Well, all I can say to them is, “Hand over the money, bitches!”

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Anyway a few weeks ago, Pepper wrote this post listing a few fun facts about her husband Mint before tagging all her readers. I’ve wanted to do something similar for a while now. And I figured what better time to do it than six months after I started blogging!

So here they are; 10 random things about the man we call Carnivore.

1. He's much fairer than I am. Not that it makes a difference to us but it is rare in Indian marriages. He often jokes that he's the reason I'm not racially profiled at airports anymore.

2. He brought his LDL down from 173 to 100 in six months without any medication. Anyone who understands cholesterol knows what a big deal that is. It is a testament to his willpower and dedication.

3. He has a rather dry and borderline offensive sense of humor. I've already highlighted that here.

4. When he was a kid, he enjoyed eating meat so much that his family joked he would be stuck with a vegetarian wife. Little did they know! And yes, he has drastically cut down on his meat intake since our wedding.

5. I've never seen him crib about anything. Not once. No matter what. He makes the most of whatever life throws at him (me included).

6. He hates being idle. While I am more than happy to vegetate on the couch for hours at a time, he needs to constantly do something outdoors, even in freezing weather. It gets on my nerves but that's mostly because I wish I was like that too.

7. He loves dessert. I don’t even know how to explain the intensity of his love for dessert. It’s shocking.

8. This one I think is fairly common among all husbands but it’s still worth a special mention. He eats whatever I cook – my failed kitchen experiments included – without complaining.

9. When he’s busy doing housework, he starts singing Bollywood songs; but not in their original form. He instantly translates them into Marathi or Gujarati or even English and sings them with the tune and meaning intact. Weird, I know.

10. He doesn't drink as much as I do. In fact he’s the reason I haven’t crossed the line from serial drinker to raging alcoholic.

So now I'm tagging all of you. If you accept, please list as many things as you want about your spouse/bf/gf that you think we should know. I’m waiting for your posts, because I'm sure all our partners have something in common.

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Although I haven’t achieved everything I set out to achieve this year, 2011 has been quite good to me. As we head to Madison to bring in the New Year, I will focus on the good but learn from the bad that happened in the past 12 months. Once that’s done, I plan to drink wine, eat cake and dance till I drop.

See you’ll in 2012! Stay safe. Stay happy!


  1. Awwww, your husband sounds like a real gem! I love the comic that you posted.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. You always manage to get the most appropriate pictures.
    No. 9 is hilarious..I'd love to see someone do that actually!
    And it's so sweet of him to eat everything you make..awwww!

  3. Wonder what he thinks about you posting all this about him ;)

    My husband sings too ... while doing every activity ... but unlike Carnivore, he picks the words from one song and tune from another and starts singing them together. Super weird, funny and sometimes annoying! :)

    I already have written SO MUCH about him on the blog, but one day when I have nothing to post, I will take up your tag and post more about him :P

    ♡ from ©

  4. This post was fun to read, my husband and your carnivore have quite a few qualities in common :) my husband takes singing to an all new level, trying to compose his own lyrics and tunes and claiming they are Grammy material ( jokingly, I think)

  5. this was super fun gayatri...was urs love/arranged marriage??just curious!!!i wish u many many many more yrs of blissful n happy living 2gether..

  6. Hi sweety, excellent post, your husband must be honoured that you featured him. I couldn't believe Nr 4, lol. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary, wishing you both many many more happy years together

  7. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! What a wonderful way to spend it :)

    Evs and I just celebrated our 4 years (I'm still in shock over that!) and I took up Pepper's tag as well :P

    Yay to 2012. Have some serious goal-setting to do in the next few days! :)

  8. Ooh, I love this! And WHO said you would be divorced after 12 months? That's so mean!

  9. A lovely post Gayatri! Sure you must spread over your celebration as long as you like! You are blessed to be with a nice and understanding husband! Wishing you many years of happiness and togetherness!

  10. O thats why you call him carnivore?
    I loved this post!

    I'm single, so I can't do this post :P

  11. Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Carnivore! He sounds like a catch :)! December 28th seems to be the day to get're the 4th couple I have wished today! Hope he spoiled you rotten...cough *diamonds* cough!!

  12. I have already dedicated a post to the goodness of my husband but I would love to do one on his quirkiness and randomness :) :) And yes Gayatri, , i am sure all REALLY good husbands have quite a lot in common :) :) What say???

    By the way i would love to do this as My Anniversary Post, but that will have to wait another 5 months :) :)

    Loved the post Gayatri...

    I am sure you will have a great 2012... drink and dance till you drop :) :) I am going to do the same :)

  13. Happy Anniversary :) :)
    And my parents have cholestrol, so yup that is big time will power! And you too a veggie??!! Me too :). Never cribbing on anything is probably the best. So much better than having him whine about everything and anything! Would love to hear those remix versions :P!!
    Wonderful reading them

  14. Bonnie - Thanks! He is :)

    Sayantani - Trust me you don't want to see anyone doing that. It is so odd.

    Tanvi - He's immune to it! Totally looking fwd to you doing this post.

    Priyanka - Haha! Composing his own songs is so creative! I'm sure you love listening to them :)

    Pavani - Our families arranged for us to fall in love! So I'd say half n half! And thank you.

    Sam - Thank you so much. He's hardly honoured but he doesn't mind it either.

    Sig - Ohhhh Happy anniversary to you too. I loved your list. So random and fun to read.

    Shalini - Just people I used to be friends with. But they had their justifications. I'm not easy to live with!

    Harini - Yes! But he's slowly becoming vegetarian.

    Khushboo - He's quite a catch (on most days)! Ours was Dec 27th because NRIs can't think beyond Dec weddings :P

    Purvi - Ohhh I'm looking forward to your list. I'm sure there will be tons of common things :)

    Deepthi - Trust me you don't want to hear them. Haha! And touch wood he's a non-cribber.

  15. "hand over the money,bitches" - hahaha. but hey very mean of them to say such things

    anyways, a veryy veryy happy anniversary week to you :)

    and really nice way you've put out all those things about your Carnivore. the bestest is when he eats without complaining whatever you cook. Sathya does too & i thank my stars every single time because i don't like cooking at all & poor guy is stuck with me for life :DD

  16. I am separated from my husband , so you wouldn't want to know things about him!
    Happy anniversary and thank you for reminding me to 'focus on the good but learn from the bad'.
    Happy New Year too!

  17. your man's sense of humour may be dry(as you said!),but your's seems much better.
    5,6 is the hallmark of a man on the go!
    8 sounds romantically sweet!
    9 is his hidden talent.
    happy 2012!

  18. Happy anniversary! And I'm SO thankful that my hubby eats anything I cook, too, without complaint :)

  19. YAYY! I celebrate each day ( i know that sounds so corny) of our marriage, even the days we argue. We have been married for a little over two years and its great- RIGHT? ha... Thats right girl tell them hand moulahh right on ova

  20. Lovely post...First wish you and your carnivore Happy Anniversary! I'm single but I think I will celebrate my anniversary like u..Cause I am someone who gets excited on birthday's , Anniversaries even if it is my friends.People who know me can vouch for it.:P And about ur husband.. You are lucky to have understanding husband.God Bless you two with many many more years of togetherness! And happy New Year . Have a wonderful 2012 :D

  21. awww what a cute post! what kind of people bet on duration of marriages?? that's just sick!

  22. Happy Anniversary to you Gayatri.The same was said about me when we got married but ...suck this to all those who said so.My 10 yrs will be up soon.
    Love the fact he eats whatever you cook,thats damn sweet of him.My husband aint like that.This was a great post.Loved it.God bless you dear.

  23. Happy Anniversary! Your list is so funny! I'm super impressed with #2, I would never have the self-discipline to achieve that.

    I see a lot of similarities between your husband and mine - mine loves meat and desserts more than me! Just kidding! But, it works in my favor cos I love desserts too, and now with me experimenting a lot with food thanks to my food blog, I'm glad he eats everything I make without a fuss (sometimes even throwing in a compliment as a bonus!).

    Here's to many more anniversaries!

  24. Love this post!! Here's wishing you guys many more of happiness together :)

    And, I could never do this tag coz I will be using atleast five of your points for my husband! So similar..Men!! I need to show my husband point no.2 and hopefully he will get inspired to work on his levels too :)

  25. LOL. I could totally relate to point 4. It's the same with us.
    So glad you took up this tag. Belated Anniversary wishes. Advance New Year wishes. Have fun!

  26. A lot of this is very similar to LV. :) I still cant believe #2, but I know you had a lot to do with that too! Happy anniversary again - love you guys! :) - DK

  27. Sujatha - Thanks for your wishes. You should take up this tag too :)

    Aracne - Focusing on the good always helps. Have a fun filled New Year's Eve celebration!

    Rohit - Happy 2012 to you too. I'm so glad his talent is hidden!

    Leia - Yay! Cheers to non fussy husbands.

    Summer - It doesn't sound corny at all. I should start celebrating each day too.

    Dimple - Thank you! I know for a fact that you'll have the most wonderful anniversary celebrations ever.

    Camille - I know! Can't be helped. But thanks :)

    Suzy - 10 years? WOW! You MUST take up this tag then. I want to read it all!

    Amrita - Thanks! Husbands who eat everything we cook are the best. They deserve every award in the book.

    Natasha - Come on! I'm sure you'll find 10 unique things. Think think ;)

    Pepper - Really? Point 4 seems very rare. Thanks for your wishes.

    DK - Lowe you too. And yes, there are tons of similarities with LV.

  28. Congratulations- it is a GREAT accomplishment to stay married- and I'm glad you outwitted all those who bet against you ;)

    Loved the list about your husband- I'll have to think about one before I put mine up- I think it might get a bit boring with 1. He is wonderful 2. He is wonderful...etc etc..ha ha!!

    Again- CONGRATS!!!!!

  29. Congratulations Gayatri,
    Happy Anniversary. You guys sound like such an adorable couple. Wishing you the very best for the New year!

  30. Happy Anniversary! Your hubby is so similar to my fiancee - its hillarious :) cute post!

    xo Nav

  31. Happy Anniversary -- I'm with you on the week celebrations :D

    I love this post -- thanks for sharing some of Carnivore's similar antics to Tarun :D

    Happy New Year, sweetie...

  32. I think I would really like your husband, if we ever met in real-life. Dessert? Dry sense of humor? Near vegetarian? This is totally me!

    Happy Anniversary..and really? People thought you wouldn't make it? How bizarrely mean!

  33. Wishing you and Mr Carnivore a very Happy Anniversary!

    I say keep the celebrations going for as long as you can - I even celebrate the day he proposed to me!!

    Happy New Year!

  34. Great Post Gayatri... no 5,8,9&10 are common traits found in my hubby too :)

  35. Lol. Happy anniversary!
    This was indeed an amazing post. I am not married, I am not even close to marriage, I am in my college years. I guess I am looking forward to a marriage now haha! :D
    But seriously this was pretty good.

  36. Gayatri,I have been reading your blog since the past one month and I must say,Im totally a fan.Like me,you too discuss whats bothering you or whats in your mind,And I love the way you present your thoughts.I think you deserve the award of the Versatile blogger.Please refer to my blog,

  37. Collectively say 'Awwwwww' :-D I can see him being all these things... :-)

  38. Anjuli - Thanks! It really is hard work sometimes!

    Asmita - Thanks.

    Nav - Thanks. You should take up the tag then :)

    Kiran - Ohhh you should do a post on Tarun!

    Ameena - It was mean. But we lived with it!

    Hari - Thanks.

    Karina - Thanks! Proposal day is never to be forgotten!

    Pavani - Thanks :)

    Akshaya - Really? I swear I thought 9 was unique. Pls elaborate!

    Uruj - Thanks. Please enjoy your college days. They're the best!

    Suzy - Thank you so much Suzy. You're incredibly sweet!

    Garima - Haha! N Madam, you know how he is!